How To Create Viral Comedy Content? : Comedy Workshop on Zoom

How To Create Viral Comedy Content? : Comedy Workshop on Zoom

In today's era of social media-oriented fame, getting something 'viral' is the next big thing every creator is looking forward to. But what makes viral? What's relatable for people? what do they like and what do they share? Is it just about the content or the promotions strategies as well?

In this one-hour workshop, you will be able to get all the answers to the above-mentioned questions and will be learning the craft of creating likable & shareable content in Comedy!

The Workshop is organized by India's Premiere Comedy training Academy 'Cafe Comedy'

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It's a FREE Workshop, However Online Registration is Mandatory.

About The Trainer :

Mr. Amit Khuva, Founder of India's Premiere Comedy Training Academy 'Cafe Comedy' is a well-known comedian of Gujarat & India’s First - World’s Youngest Standup Comedy Trainer as well. He had done more than 2500+ Live Shows along with around 500+ TV Episodes & Having 12+ Years Experience In Comedy Performing & 6+ years In Comedy Training.

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Along with this, we have something more for you :

'COMEDY 101 Coaching' - A One Year Training And Membership (Starts On 30/4/2021)

Where we are offering you 10 different Topic-Wise 2 Hours Workshops and A Year-Long Structured Training, where you will understand the structure of comedy & will be learning the techniques to develop your comedy writing & performance.

The One Year Coaching Includes :

- 10 Days Comedy Workshops

- 3 Jam Sessions: The trainer will guide you to develop a proper set.

- 2 Career Counseling Calls: Mr. Amit Khuva will guide you to develop a future in Comedy.

- 12 Digital Open Mics: To keep practicing and developing your skills.

- 2 Open Mic Audio/Call Review: The trainer will give you reviews of your performance and will guide you.

- 3 Q/A Zoom Calls: Mr. Amit Khuva will take the question from students and answer them.

- Weekly Twice Comedy tasks: Tasks related to comedy will be assigned every week to be more regular in comedy.

- 12 Humor Sessions: Humor sessions are detailed insights on a specific topic.

- 4 Video Breakdown Zoom Calls: The trainer will guide you to break a comedy video and give the pros and cons of the performance.

- 52 Exclusive Standup Tips: Every week an exclusive standup tip will be provided.

- Monthly Once Newsletter: Information regarding the comedy market will be provided through newsletters.

- 10+ E-books: E-books to develop in comedy will be provided.

- 4 Worksheets: Work related to comedy and activities will be given to you.

- 10% off on Other Workshops: Workshops taking place in Cafe Comedy will be available for you at a 10% discount.

Shows along with around 500+ TV Episodes & also having a very good experience in comedy training.

If You Have Ever Wondered How to Make Jokes out of the Daily Chores These Workshops and yearly training are for you.

Event Date : April 14,2021

Event Time : 9 PM

Event Venue: Watch on Zoom

Age Group: All

Date: 14-04-2021
Address: India
Price: Free Event