Summer Express 2021 – The Secret Is Out!

Summer Express 2021 – The Secret Is Out!

Solving a tough mystery is like going on a thrilling adventure. But what about staging a mystery in front of an audience? ‘The Secret Is Out’ is a workshop on developing mystery stories and drama scenes for the stage. Participants shall be led through a series of exercises to understand the structure of mystery stories, elements that build suspense, a few tricks to confuse the audience, and how not to let the secret out too soon. This genre gives a perfect framework to challenge the reasoning skills of participants, as well as develop their understanding of characters. Participants shall be encouraged to contribute in devising scenes, writing dialogues, analyzing classic mystery stories, and more. The structure of the workshop presents the opportunity to work individually as well as with different group sizes.


For children between 8 to 12 years only. (To be born after 07 March ‘13 and before 07 March ‘09.)

The registration will be completed and the seat confirmed only after the online payment receipt, proof of age, and photo of the participant are submitted to Ranga Shankara, either in person or via email, and verified by the team.

For more details and document submission - or 080-6592777

Registrations also at Ranga Shankara between 11 AM to 5 PM, Tue to Sun. Documents for online registrations can also be submitted during this period.

Registrations for workshops close on 10 Apr 2021 or when seats fill up, whichever is earlier.

Event Date : Mon 12 April,2021

Event Time : 10 AM

Event Venue: Ranga Shankara:Bengaluru

Event Duration: 6 Hrs

Age Group: 8-12 Years

Date: 12-04-2021
Address: India
Price: USD 107.65