The Science of Imagination

The Science of Imagination

Imagination is the source of an actor's creativity. Whether it is creating characters that are unique or portraying emotions never experienced, the stronger an actor's imagination, the more powerful the portrayal. In this workshop, Actor Prepares acting coach Dimple Kalshan will teach you how to evolve creative skills by building your imagination with a full-workout using various techniques and exercises.


Session Details:

• Understanding visualisation,  imagination, and the difference between them.

• How to activate your sense memory.

• How to be mindful while preparing and building a performance.

• Improve your observation skills.

• How to build your imagination through practice.

• Using research and referencing to build experience.

• Application in scene work.

Event Date : Fri 16 April,2021

Event Time : 10 AM

Event Venue: Watch on Zoom

Event Duration: 2 Hrs

Age Group: 15+

Date: 16-04-2021
Address: India
Price: USD 2.71